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According to surveys and data analysis of different organizations, Mexico is the sixth country with the largest number of tourists worldwide, noted for its beautiful beaches and tourist attractions.
With the aim of remaining one of the best destinations in the world, in ABASTUR, we seek to innovate year after year to present valuable training programs that add to your professional career and help you remain competitive in the market. This year, we launched a unique format called "Training Day" aimed at both hotel and restaurant business professionals.


What is your value proposition and what is it?


  • New experience

  • Networking with peers, experts and leaders

  • Theoretical-practical dynamics


  • Tips and methodologies immediately applicable to your business
  • Intensive one-day training

Pizzaiolo Training Day

A day of training to professionalize your pizzeria or improve the pizza service in your restaurant. With the participation of Mexican and Italian pizzaiolos with a respected trajectory that has allowed them to position their businesses nationally and internationally, you will learn from culinary techniques to administrative issues such as costing, human resources or sales.

Cherry on the cake: You'll meet and practice with an expert in acrobatic pizza, who will share his experience along with his innovative motorcycle with wood-fired oven.

Program endorsed by: Pizza University & Culinary Arts Center

Educational program for the following businesses: Pizzerias and restaurants with pizza menus

Catering Training Day

A day of training that covers all aspects of a catering service through a dynamic theoretical-practical where experts will share their secrets and tips to carry out a banquet service with excellence. You will organize an event from 0 to 100 and you will learn from customer prospecting, quotation, scouting to operation, transportation, assembly and service.

Cherry on the cake: visit one of the largest kitchens in Latin America with capacity to serve banquets of more than 10,000 people, and it will be in operation.

Program endorsed by: The School of Administration of Institutions ESDAI

Educational program for the following businesses: Banquets and event organizers

Healthy Food Training Day

A day of training to perfect your healthy food menu and/or your business concept. This program is aimed at both business models focused on health and for companies that want to develop part of their menu for a niche market eager for quality gastronomic proposals (healthy, organic, vegetarian, vegan, for celiacs, among others). In addition to learning new recipes and culinary techniques, the final consumer will be analyzed.

The cherry on the cake: A unique program in Mexico that reconciles gastronomy with health, with the participation of specialized chefs and nutritionists.

Educational program for the following businesses: Restaurants with healthy food carte

Grill Master Training Day

A day of training focused on the grill business during which you will learn how to select a good meat supplier, master the techniques of cooking embers, know the different types of fire and how to use them, and fine-tune your knowledge about cooking times according to the terms. On the other hand, you will work on topics of artisan charcuterie and sausages, as well as pairing to complement your menu with excellence.

The cherry on the cake: A unique program in Mexico that will be broadcast by Bears in The Kitchen, a digital community specializing in grilling.

Educational program for the following businesses: Specialized restaurants or grill service

Hotel Design Training Day

A day of training for architects and interior designers focused on hotel projects where you will learn from experts the latest trends in interior design for the tourism sector, through a methodology. We know that the hotel trend reflects the opening of more than 700 new establishments in the country each year, and that the development of new types of experiences and current trends in interior design is key to the hotel industry, as an integral part of the business and hospitality industry.

Cherry on the cake: Multidisciplinary teamwork with development of a qualified practical project at the end of the day.

Program endorsed by: The Ibero-American Council of Interior Designers

Educational program for the following businesses: Hotels

Storytelling Training Day

A day of training in which you will understand the importance of developing or improving the storytelling of your business. Every business has a story to tell! Storytelling is a vital tool when it comes to really connecting with the public. The art of storytelling is the key for an individual to share an emotional bond with a brand.

The cherry on the cake: In one day you will leave the course with the specific storytelling of your business and you will have a fun and enriching experience with the expert teachers who will guide you.

Program endorsed by: The School of Administration of ESDAI Institutions

Educational program focused on the following businesses: Sector Ho.Re.Ca. in general