Complement your experience by attending our conferences, demonstrations and tastings designed for your business: hotel, restaurant, pizzeria, bar, bakery, banquet service, among others. Your ABASTUR 2017 pass includes access to the following pavilions, as well as your papers.


We invite you to attend our professional competitions at the exhibition hours and, if you are a chef, a baker, bartender, bartender or waiter, we invite you to live a unique experience within ABASTUR.

Mexica Cocktail Contest

Ideal platform to know the new trends and techniques in cocktails, market in strong growth in Mexico.

Olmec Contest Ice Sculptures, Mukimono, Butter and Buffet

t presents the latest trends for events and catering: presentation of a buffet with canapes and decorative sculptures (ice, butter and mukimono composition).

Tlaxcalli Artisan Bakery Competition

The only national competition that sets the best and most creative bakers chefs in the country.

ABASTUR Service Competition

It is a competition open to all Professional Managers, Maîtres, Captains and Waiters. It consists of three tests: assembly of tables, wine service and service in Gueridón.


Gastronomic competition dedicated to the business of the pizzeria, in which for a day the participants pizzeros will have to prepare the best pizzas in front of a public of experts and under strict criteria.